Jo Tissier Picture

I have been a clinical facilitator in the CEG for almost 20 years.   When I started, I would cycle around Tower Hamlets using floppy disks to collect data from the old Emis LV systems and then produce graphs on chronic disease management for practice clinical meetings. The days of floppy disks have passed and CEG now extracts data centrally, produces interactive dashboards viewable online, designs clinical APL tools to support clinical decision-making, and builds templates that customise to the patient.  Our team has expanded and we now cover the whole of North East London.  However, for me, being a facilitator is still about working closely with primary care colleagues, visiting practices, demonstrating our tools, explaining the intricacies of enhanced services and working with clinicians to improve quality.  I still cycle around visiting practices, mainly in City and Hackney now, and am proud to be part of an organisation which is constantly striving to improve patient care.